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a handful of stones is a daily blogzine edited by author and mindful writer Satya Robyn. We publish a short observational piece of writing, a small stone, every day.

I am currently seeking submissions. 

What are the submission guidelines for ‘a handful of stones’?
1) Make sure you've read the handful of stones blog so you know what kind of thing I'm looking for.

2) Send up to five small stones to in the body of your email (NOT as an attachment).

3) Include your name.

4) If you’d like me to include a link (e.g. your blog or your homepage) please include BOTH the name of your site and your web address.

5) Title the email ‘a handful of stones submission’.

I'd really appreciate it if you follow these instructions carefully - I receive a lot of submissions and it saves me a lot of time when they are formatted like this.

I usually respond within a few weeks or so with a ‘not this time’ or a ‘yes please’. Whether I say yes or no, do feel free to send another submission after a couple of months.

How do you choose between small stones submitted to ‘a handful of stones’?
I receive many more small stones than I can publish on the blogzine, and so I need to say ‘no’ more often than I say ‘yes’.

I'm particularly keen to receive prose small stones. A lot of writers are used to writing haiku or poetry, and so can't resist putting line breaks into their small stones. Some small stones work well with line breaks, but some work best as prose or are simply recorded dialogue - feel free to experiment!

I will sometimes say no if I feel the stone could do with more polishing, or if it describes a moment that doesn’t strike me as ‘freshly observed’. I often receive pieces that are poems rather than small stones - longer pieces involving many different observations - and I say no to these. Some small stones contain a lot of the writer - a lot of 'I'. This isn't wrong, but can be much more difficult to do well. These pieces sometimes read as if they're opinions rather than observed moments. When writing small stones, continually turn your attention to what is 'other'.

The best way to get a sense for what I'm looking for is to read a handful of stones. Look at the archives and see what I publish, and explore sites on the blogroll. The more you read (here and elsewhere), the more you'll develop your own sense of what you like and don't like, and this critical ability will help you (usually mostly subconsciously) to write well.

My decisions are usually a mixture of an objective critique of the 'quality' of the stone, and my subjective feeling about the pieces of writing. As with all submissions, if I say no it doesn't mean that you're not writing well. Unfortunately I don't have time to provide feedback to individual writers, but there are lots of places you can find this online.

I am always happy to receive and read small stones, and I’d encourage you to have a go at writing a few and sending them to me whether or not you think they’ll be published on the blog. I always enjoy receiving them and it's really good to know that people are paying attention and writing things down.
Do send them to I look forward to reading them.

We have a 28 day offering, a Mindful Writing Booster, if you want to get into the mindful writing habit - read more here.


Mary said...

Thank you for the invite! I would very much enjoy to submit my small stones to your ezine. Is there a window of time?

Thank you!

Mary Sherman

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...
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Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

So it's OK to submit pieces which have already appeared on one's own blog?

Supani said...

enters through one hole
and leaves through any of the nine
life, it is really and truly mine