Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I was saving this spot for a Valentine's small stone, but I didn't get any, and so today we are stone-less. That gives me an uncommon chance to say hello. I hope you're still enjoying the blogzine. I'm sure most of you know about our river of stones, which is doing very well, and our new community for writers at Writing Our Way Home - do come and say hello if you haven't already (and there's a group there, Daily Gathering, where you can publish your stones ever day).

I'm very grateful to everyone who submits, everyone who reads this blog, and everyone who helps to spread the word (with a widget, by having it on their blogroll etc) - thank you.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day with your Valentine, whether that is your spouse, your dog, or (best of all) treating yourself to a lovely dinner and a bunch of flowers. Deep bow.

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