Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Failed Angst Poem

This evening, I learned
it is hard to craft a poem
on corrosive loneliness,
when sitting in the hug
of sun-warmed rock; gazing
at a grinning moon.


Gareth Trew


Granny Sue said...

True words, julia. Loneliness, like other emotions, is a state of mind and if the moon is good company, it would be hard to stay lonely for long.

Nicely done!

e.gajd said...


steeleweed said...

Loneliness :-(
Solitude :-)

Alan Summers said...

Sounds like you have things too good. I'm not jealous, enjoy it. ;-)


Shaista said...

Oh I do love this!
Yes, the sun warmed rock, the grinning moon - how can one be lonely. Or even write!!
Just grin back, really :)

Linda H. said...

I had to read this over and over again, because it makes me smile.