Thursday, 20 May 2010

A fatigued dusk:
the sun draws the quilted sky
for a blanket and
turns its back
on the blue.


Tom Rendell


richard north said...

this is an excellent poem

Naquillity said...

i agree this is a wonderful poem. i especially like how 'the sun draws the quilted sky' beautiful. have a great day.

mairmusic said...

nice! who is Tom Rendell? Do you have your own poems posted somewhere? Visiting from Jingle's Poet Rally.

kkrige said...

visiting from Jingle's rally. A lovely poem that you are sharing

Menina said...

This is wonderful. I'd like to hear more from Tom Rendell.

Tom said...

Hey guys, thanks - haven't visited the site in a while, awesome to hear kind feedback. I haven't done much for some time but I guess here's a collection of some stuff: