Monday, 11 January 2010

an ex-lover's voice chills the air.


Najah Parker


Brosreview said...

Oooh yes! I cannot relate to this, but I sure can feel this one. Very true! I can feel the chill here! Keep on writing!!!

Nadege said...

hey Aj - TY, for your support.

Nadege said...

TY Fiona for publishing my small
stone in this cool rock garden.

Fiona Robyn said...

A pleasure.

marian said...

You are wonderfully talented. I really enjoy reading your verse.
Please keep writing and thank you always for sharing.
Big Kiss

marian said...

Love Love Nadege's piece.wonderful!

Nadege said...

Hi there, Marian. I appreciate you
lending me your support. What a
positive, giving person you are.

{{Warm Hugs}}

Diana Murray said...

Ooh, this brings back some old memories. Amazing what you can evoke with a mere few words.

Nadege said...

Ah yes, old memories distilled
into a few choice words.