Sunday, 31 January 2010

After my mother passed away,
and my father married another woman,
I took my mother's engagement ring;
no one even noticed.


BJ Lee
BJ Lee


angie said...

love this one.

Diana Murray said...

Very moving, BJ

McGuire said...


Here we all are
and in the end
after the coffin is lowered
the ashes scattered
the body put in the ocean
it's as if we weren't even here.

Worker Bee said...

Love it, hate it, haunted by it.
Love it because it's beautiful,
Hate it because it breaks my heart,
Haunted because it's true of all of us.

G.R. LeBlanc said...

Beautiful and haunting. Very nice, B.J.

jem said...

A small story, simply put, but speaking volumes.