Wednesday, 19 August 2009

i like to take my cereal bowl
out on the back stoop and watch the sun
come up over mrs. sherman's house
its yellow face cut in half by the tv antenna


Regina C. Green
The Red Bird Chronicles


alotus-poetry said...

I love how the last line really cuts through everything--like a sword. Very SHARP image indeed.

Congrats on this lovely stone! :)

angie said...

oh, wonderful!

I want to sit on the stoop, too!!

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Yes, this is a beauty!

Mark said...

How wonderful. This creates some marvelous imagery and a feeling of peace as well.

Michelle Johnson said...

Love the images in this beautifully written poem. I'm sure that antenna is at the ready everytime. Hope all is well. Congrats on your stone. Have a great day.

Red Bird said...

Aw, thanks to everyone! And to Fiona for putting up yet another "stone" from me... I am so honored!

Green Thumb Mama said...

Lovely Regina!! Congrats on another poem posted! :)

Keith Wilson said...

Yes, I had to comment as well. There is something very striking about this poem. Always something impressive when what you are describing is something 'everyday'

Red Bird said...

Thanks Beth and Keith- so kind of you to leave a comment here... :)
It was just a marvelous thing, really- perfect timing, I guess!

Dymphna said...

I love this poem. Its treasure in the "everydayness" reminds me of Wm. Carlos Willams poem, "This is Just to Say". Very nice.

I also love your blog's tagline--describe poetry perfectly!

annie clarkson said...

I love this little stone. It is such a strong image... wow. One of the best I've read on here

Regina said...

Oh, thank you so much for your very kind comments, Dymphna (btw- love the name!) and Annie!
I am really overwhelmed by the lovely reaction this little "stone" has gotten here!
Thanks to everyone again!

fourwindshaiga said...

Finding poetry on the stoop, I love that.