Saturday, 8 November 2008

A huge fly climbs up the window, falls and begins climbing again.


Clare Grant
Three Beautiful Things


k. brown said...

This stone means a lot to me; thank you for posting it. My mother recently lost her battle with breast cancer; do I often feel like this fly--one step back, one step forward!


Fiona Robyn said...

So very sorry to hear this, K. It's lovely to have you here at 'a handful of stones' - you're in great company.


jem said...

Very Sisyphus! Good one Clare!

Clare said...

K. I'm glad it struck a chord. I think that 'Incey Wincey Spider climbing up the spout' was one of the most important things I learnt as a small child; and the story of Robert the Bruce and his spider.

My thoughts are with you.